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There is an inequality in the education and economic outcomes by students in under-served communities. The Summer Institute aims to change the equation and the narrative it creates by equipping low income students from Houston’s 3rd Ward with the necessary resources to compete in today's educational landscape. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to leverage the resources of a flourishing and celebrated learning institution and make a positive impact on students trajectory through a hands-on, STEM focused inquiry based instructional model, exceptionally low student to teacher ratios, tutoring services, and a comprehensive wellness program that includes life and study skills instruction, mentorship opportunities and intentional character development. 



Our Saturday Sessions provide opportunities for students to continue to receive academic support from faculty and tutors as well as spend time in fellowship together on specified dates throughout the year. Although attending each session is not mandatory, attendance to at least 75% of Saturday Sessions is required to be invited back into the program. 


*2023 session dates will be released after the Summer Program.


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