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The Summer Institute is a not-for-profit educational enrichment program serving under-resourced students in Houston. The program has two major components: a. a six week, intensive summer program where students take part in math, science, language arts, and holistic wellness programming; b. a set of Saturday tutoring sessions that occur twice a month during the school year to ensure students continue to thrive and receive support after the summer concludes.


The Summer Institute will support and provide what the existing HISD school structure cannot always provide; through what is known as an “educational wrap-around” program design, TSI exists to push students beyond their perceived limits, reinforce ambitious academic goals, fill in gaps in their knowledge base where needed, and provide highly impactful enrichment experiences and access to professionals in their chosen or potential career paths. During the summer when backsliding and disparity of opportunity is often most acute, TSI provides an avenue for students to instead make meaningful gains. During the academic year, students continue to be pushed during Saturday classes and are challenged to take their skills back into their home schools as leaders amongst their peers. Through following the same group of students through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, TSI provides motivated students from Houston’s 3rd Ward and Sunnyside neighborhoods with the necessary resources to change their trajectories and ensure their potential becomes actualized.


Our staff provides their time and

talents each year to invest in student development. We are blessed with top educators who cultivate an environment of collaborative learning, mentorship, and community.


The Summer Institute benefits from a top-notch Board of Directors. Each of our Board Members brings various expertise to different areas of our program, allowing our organization to tackle its bold goals.


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