The Summer Institute is a not-for-profit educational enrichment program serving under-resi students in Houston. The program has two major components: a. a six week, intensive summer program where students take part in math, science, language arts, and holistic wellness programming; b. a set of Saturday tutoring sessions that occur twice a month during the school year to ensure students continue to thrive and receive support after the summer concludes


The Summer Institute will support and provide what the existing HISD school structure cannot always provide ; through what is known as an “educational wrap-around” program design, TSI exists to push students beyond their perceived limits, reinforce ambitious academic goals, fill in gaps in their knowledge base where needed, and provide highly impactful enrichment experiences and access to professionals in their chosen or potential career paths. During the summer when backsliding and disparity of opportunity is often most acute, TSI provides an avenue for students to instead make meaningful gains. During the academic year students continue to be pushed during Saturday classes and are challenged to take their skills back into their home schools as leaders amongst their peers. Through following the same group of students through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, TSI provides motivated students from Houston’s 3rd Ward and Sunnyside neighborhoods with the necessary resources to change their trajectories and ensure their potential becomes actualized.




Brandon Walker is an educator who specializes in math remediation and making STEM education
accessible to all learners. A product of both public and highly competitive private schools, he is
intimately attuned to how access to resources can impact a student’s trajectory. After being identified
as a talented student with significant gaps in his learning during middle school, he participated and was
forever changed by a program like The Summer Institute during high school. After securing an academic
scholarship to one of the most prestigious academic secondary schools in the nation, he was able to see
the disparity that existed between high and low performing schools. From boarding school, he went on
to receive his undergraduate degree in Psychology, Statistics and African American Studies at Purdue
University and ultimately a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit-Mercy. After
experiencing firsthand, the benefits of academic enrichment programming in under-resourced
communities, his life work has been centered on the life changing power of putting education in the
hands of students that are hungry to make their dreams a reality. In addition to his capacity as Executive
Director of The Summer Institute, he is also the Algebra Teacher for Presbyterian School of Houston.



Vice President & Wellness Director

Darnell Cleary was first introduced to the benefit of academic enrichment and support beyond the
classroom through his experience with Horizons Upward Bound, a program he attended during high
school. This program afforded him the opportunity to step outside an environment lacking resources
and into one of abundance. Recognizing the impact of this program on the trajectory of his own life and
the need that still exists, Darnell is impassioned to invest his time, effort, and experience into
under-served and under resourced Houston communities.
Darnell serves as Treasurer, and Wellness Director for The Summer Institute. A strong believer in the
importance of comprehensive wellness, Darnell developed a wraparound program emphasizing physical,
social, emotional, and spiritual wellness as necessary components to the success and development of
each student. As a natural coach, he brings this mindset into the classroom to create an environment
that balances grace and truth to inspire his department and his students to reach their full potential. He
utilizes his experience as an entrepreneur, his economics degree and studies of finance and accounting
at the University of Michigan to add value to the financial position of The Summer Institute. Darnell also
works as a PE teacher and middle school coach and serves as a member of the Wellness Department at
Presbyterian School. He is active in his church community, serving as an elder and youth committee lead
at St Andrews Presbyterian Church.



Board Secretary & Writing Department Chair

Kelsey Pedersen serves TSI as both the English Chair and Board Secretary. The program benefits from
her background as communications consultant, experience as an Admissions Director for Episcopal
School of Los Angeles and her love for helping students discover and refine their strengths and values
through writing. Kelsey graduated from Rice University cum laude, where she majored in English and



Program Location: 40 Oakdale Street

Program Dates: June 15-July 17th 

Program Hours: Hours Vary

July 4th Break: Friday July 3rd, 2020 


The Summer Institute

at Presbyterian School
40 Oakdale St
Houston, Texas 77006



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